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It's Halloween time, and I could not miss an App dedicated to it. This Android App is a Halloween soundboard. 

Here you will find the most scary sounds for this moment. Try it, it's fun and you can share it with your friends and have a good time listening to these decrepit sounds, but beware do not be too scared! Jejeje 

If you want to download and try it can do so from Google Play Store by clicking  here.


This is an app that allows you to make screenshots of your Android phone or tablet . 

With just a few small steps you can easily get your screenshot of your mobile. 

With this tool it is easier for users with versions of Android less than 4.0 and without needing to connect your terminal to the computer and install new software, to make screenshots. 
You have a link to this App in the Google Play Store from here.


To this spooky slot machine will come the most popular monsters and characters of the Halloween party: Jack O Lantern, Grim Reaper, The Mask, Werewolf, Voodoo Doll, The Mummy, vampires, witches...

★ FREE 1,000 initial bonus credits are waiting you for beginning your game!
★ 25 NEW Halloween avatars are waiting to play with you!
Don't forget to use the skeleton lucky hand in this game!
Happy halloween and enjoy it!!
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It wanted to be a fun slot machine, so I added the skeleton hand to make a play, I like how it looks and adorns the slot machine, it gives a more gloomy touch. Of course there is a lot of design work still to do if you like. Adapt to the large number of screen formats available for Android. But it is adapted for many models of the Samsung brand, thanks to the large number of emulators and tools available of this brand for development. There are two versions, one free for you to try and the other for payment at a very affordable price.

If you want to download it for your Android phone you can do it from here link to the Play Store of Google.


Create this little martians killer game as a tribute to the arcade "Invaders" and "Arkanoid", games of yesteryear that had a lot of fun! :) 

Space invaders come to play in this mixed game between space invaders and arkanoid, but now the bricks are not exactly simple bricks ... Move the golden shovel with your finger and let the ball clear space invaders placed in front of you. Download this simple, retro game and hook up to kill your free time in a fun way! ;) 

Download it from Google Play Store to play in your android mobile from here


This is an Android App that was designed for all Star Wars fans.

Your dream of becoming a Jedi Knight can now come true with this android app. Take a picture and become a real Jedi Knight. You can also shoot your laser sword anywhere and enjoy it. Jokes, funny photos, and share them easily with your friends or fans of Star Wars on Facebook, are some of the things you can do. Jedi Light Saber Photo is probably the only one of its kind that allows you to take photos with a laser sword and share it easily on Facebook.

Jedi Light Saber Photo exclusively for your android smartphone. Enjoy it!

Take a look of this App at Google Play.